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At OrelTech, we develop conductive inks and fluids that can be processed in inkjet printers and other printing methods. The inks are formulated without the usual addition of metallic nanoparticles, which makes them more cost-efficient to prepare and sell, as well as more environmentally friendly. Compared to current industrial processes, our inks and patented surface coating technology introduce multilevel cost-reduction for our customers. Not only do our customers benefit from reductions in cost of inks, but by implementing our technology in their production line, they also save on time, energy and waste disposal. Our technology presents a turning point in production of electronics by making the multiple-layered surfaces such as OLEDs and solar cells more economically feasible and pushes their introduction to market and mass production. OrelTech is a stand-alone player in the conductive inks industry and can single-handedly enable the next generation of electronic devices.

OrelTech Website
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    OrelTech GmbH, Rudower Chaussee 29, 12489 Berlin, Germany
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    Pioneer in the conductive inks industry, manufacturing nanoparticle-free metallization inks
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    Our inks present multi-level cost reduction for your company
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    Custom-made products
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