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Atul Ltd is one of the largest integrated chemical companies of India. The Company manufactures about 900 products (such as p-Cresol and derivatives, resorcinol and derivatives, vat dyes, sulphur dyes, herbicides, fungicides, tissue cultured date palms, active pharma ingredients and intermediates, epoxy resins, reactive diluents, etc) and 400 formulations and owns 140 brands. It serves a wide range of customers belonging to over 30 industries in around 90 countries and has established subsidiary companies in Brazil, China, the UAE, the UK and the USA. The Company offers a wide range of products and applications used in Agriculture, Adhesives, Animal Feed, Automobile, Composites, Construction, Cosmetic, Defence, Dyestuff, Electrical and Electronics, Footwear, Food, Fragrance and Flavour, Glass, Home Care, Horticulture, Hospitality, Paint and Coatings, Paper, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Soap and Detergent, Sport and Leisure, Textile, Tyre and Wind Energy industries.
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    Atul 396 020, Gujarat, India
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    manufactures 900 products and 400 formulations
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    serves customers in 90 countries and present in six countries through wholly-owned subsidiary companies
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    employs about 3,000 people
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