Hanke + Seidel GmbH & Co. KG

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Hanke + Seidel was founded in 1948 and has since been run as a family business in the 3rd generation. With our headquarters in Steinhagen, East Westphalia, and the Borghorst branch in Münsterland, we offer our customers a tight network of locations in the immediate vicinity. In addition to our claim to first-class quality and economic success, environmental and health protection, plant and occupational safety are equally important corporate goals. In total, we supply approx. 3000 customers who can rely on a service-oriented corporate philosophy and competent sales advice every day.

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    Waldbadstr. 20-22, 33803 Steinhagen, Germany
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    Service & Logistics - proper storage and transport, economical interim storage of customer stocks, as well as transport system advice
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    Mixtures & Solvents - desired concentration in aqueous solutions, acids & alkaline solutions as well as liquid substances according to your recipes
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    Custom blends & filling - products according to your specifications and recipes in containers of any size
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