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What is chembid?

chembid makes it easier to purchase and sell chemicals and plastics online by increasing the transparency of millions of offers. Our search engine is directed at buyers, manufacturers, distributors and marketplaces for the chemical industry.

We know that product and supplier research is time-consuming - especially in times of globalization. This is why we help buyers all over the world to find suppliers, compare offers and buy chemicals. Manufacturers and retailers can use chembid to make their products visible to global audiences and reach thousands of buyers. This saves you time and money. You can enjoy the benefits without the financial effort, because product search on chembid is and will remain free of charge.

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How does chembid work?

chembid bundles offers for chemicals and plastics from numerous online shops and marketplaces all over the world. Millions of offers and more than 100,000 suppliers can be found on chembid. This makes chembid the world's largest search engine in this market. It can be accessed online at anytime and anywhere. Thus, making global business is quick and easy.

Our principle: Whether you want to buy or sell chemicals and plastics, chembid is simple, fast and efficient.

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